Beans with Benefits

When you buy coffee from Red Leaf, you are buying more than a bag of beans or a cup of your favorite brew. You are buying a cup of 100% organic and Fair Trade certified coffee made from beans that have traveled from remote locations all over the world.

Organic products are on the rise and coffee is no exception. Many people don’t know that coffee is the third most sprayed crop in the world (behind cotton and tobacco) but Red Leaf’s coffee is completely organic. This means that Red Leaf’s beans are grown without GMOs or the use of potentially harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

Not only are the beans 100% organic but Red Leaf’s coffee meets the stringent standards to be certified as Fair Trade coffee. Fair Trade strives to be exactly what the name implies: Fair. Most Fair Trade coffee farmers have small-scale family-run farms in remote locations. This makes them vulnerable to middlemen who offer cash for their coffee at just a fraction of its value. Fair Trade establishes a minimum price for farmers, and links them directly with importers. Through Fair Trade, farmers earn better incomes, allowing them to hold on to their land, and continue growing quality coffee.

Red Leaf is proud to be a part of such a community by serving 100% organic and Fair Trade certified coffee, bringing you the very best coffee with the best benefits for everyone.

Red Leaf coffee beans are offered in 12 ounce and 1 pound packages, either ground or whole bean. Have you tried Red Leaf coffee beans? If so, which bean is your favorite?

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