Fundraising Information

Are you interested in partnering with Red Leaf Coffee to host a fundraiser for your event or business? We can help you make BIG money fast, and we have streamlined the process to make it simple for you! You take the orders and we do the rest!!

1. Pick up the Fundraiser in a Box. It comes with everything you need to show at your event.

2. Pre-sell the coffee by completing an easy form!

3. Turn in orders to Red Leaf Coffee and pay the order totals.

4. The coffee will be delivered to your location within 10 business days.*

*with qualifying 25 item minimum order we will deliver to your business within Cowlitz County!

Additional ways to continue making money are available as well!

“Red Leaf partnered with our local non-profit Rotary club to provide
bagged coffee u0026amp; K-cup products for our Scholarship/Literacy Fundraiser. We
were able to net close to $5,000 thanks to the generous support of Red
Leaf Coffee. They were very helpful in setting up our order entry, product
fulfillment, delivery and billing so that we could focus our efforts on
selling the product. The product was always fresh and professionally
packaged. We were overwhelmed with the public support of this fundraiser
in that we were using a local supplier for our coffee. We were also
pleasantly surprised at how many customers kept calling back for more
because they loved the taste of Red Leaf Coffee. The product almost sold
itself!”  Tom Gunn, Longview Early Edition Rotary, Community Service Chair

If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser or receiving more information, please see the flyer below. You can contact Ann at to schedule your fundraiser!