More Than Just Another Coffee Shop

Ray and Melissa family

When Melissa and Ray started Red Leaf they realized the world needed more than ‘just another coffee shop.’ They wanted to create a true and authentic experience for their customers while offering the very best and healthiest options possible.

The name Red Leaf pays tribute to Melissa’s Canadian heritage and the uniquely themed menu reflects the love for her country. Melissa fondly calls Red Leaf her “little piece of Canada down here.” This fondness can be seen in the care that is taken with the coffee and other products Red Leaf offers.

Red Leaf is proud to serve Fair Trade organic coffee. Many people don’t know that coffee is the third most sprayed crop in the world. Red Leaf’s organic Fair Trade coffee is grown without the use of potentially harmful fertilizers and meets the stringent standards to be certified as organic and fair trade coffee. Red Leaf also offers organic syrups, various milk substitutes (such as almond and hemp milk), and tasty gluten free snacks to entice and satisfy. Helping customers stay healthy and happy while offering quality products is a goal that they make every effort to achieve.

Rejecting the ‘just another coffee shop’ mentality, they strive to give each customer the ultimate Red Leaf experience, proving that health does not need to be sacrificed in the pursuit of deliciousness. They believe there is an obligation and an integrity that comes with serving coffee and they prove this with every beverage and snack they serve. Their approach and dedication to this ideal creates an environment that is true to their mission and maintains a unique menu that has people coming back for more.

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