Sensational Smoothies


Looking to beat the summer heat? Try one on Red Leaf’s ViTALITY or boosted smoothies! Red Leaf’s all natural fruit smoothies are made with just fruit, fruit juice, water and ice — making them vegan, and without added sugar! All organic smoothies include: Simply Strawberry, Mango Magic, Organic Pineapple and NEW Raspberry Rave! You can add a boost of Energy, Fat Burner, Organic Whey or Hemp Protein, Rice Protein, Immunity, or Spinach. Also try yummy Northwest Berry, Peach Pear Apricot, Stress Buster (Peach/Pineapple), and our famous Tropical Green with Organic Spinach. That’s right, no corn syrups, added sugars, artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives. Whole fruit smoothies are delicious and the perfect way to cool down and stay healthy. Very kid friendly!

Red Leaf’s ViTALITY smoothies are an especially great way to get a power meal on the go! These outstanding power smoothies pack a punch in any flavor and are complete so you can replace a meal or use them to add more protein to your diet. They are gluten and lactose free with no added sugar. With probiotics, digestive enzymes, and at least 5 g of fiber and 12 g+ of protein, there’s a flavor for every mood. Popular flavors include ViTAL Greens, ViTAL Berry Builder (20 g protein), and Strawberry Slimmer (includes green tea based fat burner). Still the most popular, the ViTAL Peanut Butter Cup is sure to satisfy. And these 24 oz smoothies are all under 350 calories!

Whether you are treating yourself or sharing with a friend, be sure to stop by either Red Leaf location and order a yummy smoothie today!


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